Services for Radiation Protection Gates

Our service technicians all have the necessary drive technology, mechanical, metal construction and electrotechnical knowledge to repair existing radiation protection doors.

Regular maintenance can significantly increase the life of doors, gates and power-operated equipment. Defects can be discovered and remedied at an early stage. In this way, a total loss can be avoided. You also protect yourself against personal injury and loss of insurance coverage.

Safety Standards for Radiation protection doors

Our Approach

Step 1: Maintenance Contract

As a first step, we hold a detailed discussion with you to determine your needs and conclude a maintenance contract.

Step 2: Recording the Objects to be serviced

After signing a maintenance contract, our employee records the objects to be maintained. If lost, we create the necessary inspection books and obtain the maintenance instructions of the manufacturing companies or the relevant general building inspection approval. The originals of the inspection books remain in your house, additionally we keep copies of the inspection books in our house.

Step 3: Maintenance

Now, the maintenance is carried out. The generally annual maintenance dates are set to resubmission, so that the dates are not forgotten.

Maintenance Services

  • Radiation protection doors and gates, in accordance with ASR A1.7 Doors and Gates, incl. required closing force measurement.
  • Power-operated doors and gates in commercial companies and gates in commercial companies and public areas, according to EN 12635 Gates,  safety of use of power operated gates, Requirements
  • Fire protection doors, fire and smoke protection closures according to general building authority approval
  • Hold-open systems according to DIN EN 14637 and DIN 14677, testing according to the building inspection guidelines of the
  • Institute for Building Technology. Including testing of smoke control systems
  • Escape route safety systems, such as door magnet systems or electrical interlocks
  • Natural smoke ventilation systems (NRWG, RWA), according to DIN 18232-2
  • Smoke and heat control – Part 2: Natural smoke exhaust ventilation systems (NRA)

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